Over Easy

Laid-back and refreshing with a golden sunshine glow. RYE & CRYSTAL MALTS reveal toffee and spice while PALE & CARAPILS MALTS add sweetness & body. Triple hopped for a bold citrus splash & punchy aroma. Jump right in.

Big Bang

Bold & exciting with an explosion of flavour. Dry hopped twice with PERLE MAGNUM & CASCADE HOPS, herbal & pine notes punch through bitter citrus. PALE & CARAPILS MALTS restore balance with a subtle sweetness. Momentous.

Bitter Sweet

As dark as outer space with gravity-defying lightness. HUSKLESS SPECIALITY MALTS create a deep, rich colour & roasted notes. GALAXY, MOSAIC & CITRA HOPS add three bursts of citrus, blackcurrant & soft fruits. Out of this world.

Ice Breaker

A smashing beer, perfect ice cold. Dry hopped with CITRA & SIMCOE HOPS (lupulin powder), waves of guava and passionfruit crash with big citrus flavours. This light coloured ale brings a big splash of cool refreshment. Iceberg ahead.

Desert Ryeder

Dryer than the desert with a sunset red hue. RYE MALTS create a spicy beer with a hint of liquorice. CHINOOK & CASCADE HOPS refresh with a grapefruit splash & floral pine oasis. An epic ride.

High & Dry

A sun-bleached blonde beer with a refreshing crispness. Generously dry hopped with CASCADE & CENTENNIAL HOPS to create a wave of citrus with a spiced undercurrent. Delicate malts clean the palate with a washed-up freshness. Adventure awaits.