• Ross O’Hara
    Ross O’Hara Brewer & Mentor

    Our beer swilling expert brewer, trained at Heriot-Watt University. Football fanatic, travel fanatic, holds the world record for holidays taken in one year.

  • Daniel Scott
    Daniel Scott Apprentice

    Bottled beer expert, in his spare time he loves producing soundtracks for films. He also loves to travel… watch out Ross, he may be after your record.

  • Nancy Nangle
    Nancy Nangle Apprentice

    Originally from South Africa, Nancy dedicates her spare time perfecting her home brewing skills, designing her own range of beers.

  • Archie Wilson-Copp
    Archie Wilson-Copp Apprentice

    Based down the road in Brixton, Archie has a keen passion to drum and drink beer – although best not done at the same time! He’s set himself a task of visiting every country in Europe before he’s 35, predictably consisting of lots of beer sampling…

  • Lucian Solomon
    Lucian Solomon Sales Manager & Mentor

    Our sales guru, Lucian made wine & brandy growing up in Romania. Passionate about craft beer (obviously), cooking, tennis and upcycling.

  • James Rowe
    James Rowe Brand Manager & Mentor

    When James isn’t tasting different beers he’s running away – literally! He loves to run off-road to escape and keep fit. Always worked around drink and pubs.